You’re not alone in determining whether you should take the winter off from buying or selling a home.  My thought is that it really boils down to your motivation level and sense of urgency.  There are unquestionably benefits in both buying and selling during the cold weather months, which are broken down below based on which side of the equation you’re on.

Selling benefits:

  • Less competition
    • This may translate to less days on the market, but prices do often take a little bit of a hit around the holidays.
  • Homes don’t look much cozier than when they’re adorned with holiday decorations.
  • Buyers looking this time of year are often looking out of necessity, which means they’re more likely to be decisive and prepared to see the transaction through to the closing.

Buying benefits:

  • Less competition, which means you have more leverage in negotiating a lower sale price.
  • Potential tax benefits prior to the end of the year.

All that being said, it comes down to your personal situation.  Hope that helps on some level!

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