I guess most folks do associate Maine with cold weather and the snow, but some may be surprised to learn that there are a multitude of really great ski resorts within a one to two hour drive from Portland. The two largest area ski resorts being Sugarloaf and Sunday River. Sugarloaf is roughly 2.5 hours from Portland and periodically plays host to the U.S. Alpine Championships, so that gives you some kind of indication as to the type of terrain it offers. With a loyal legion of ski and snowboarders fondly referred to as “Loafers”, it possesses a little bit more of a purist vibe and seems to be perfectly content resisting the glitz and glam found at resorts out west.

Sunday River is only 1.5 hours from Portland and although smaller than Sugarloaf, its 870 acres of skiable terrain offer what most would consider a big mountain experience. They also have the capability of making snow on 552 of those 870 skiable acres, so chances are pretty good that you’re going to have a good day on the slopes in regards to snow quality. Sunday River is more spread out with its eight peaks as compared to Sugarloaf’s one central peak, which means you’ll typically find longer runs at Sugarloaf.  But the reality is, regardless of what ski resort you choose, you’re assured a good time!

And if the larger resort experience doesn’t appeal to you, you’ve got a handful of alternate options. Here’s a list that breaks down all of Maine’s ski resorts. See you on the slopes!


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